‘Everyone is a Programmer’ with Generative A.I.

Nvidia’s Chief Executive Jensen Huang says “everyone can be a programmer” as generative artificial intelligence will understand multiple forms of input, including speech.

Fresh off Nvidia’s stellar earnings report and subsequent stock rally, its CEO Jensen Huang is predicting that the world is entering a “new computing era”. He says anyone can be a programmer, just by speaking to the computer, and the desired functions will come forth. No longer will programmers need to write lines of code, only for it to display the dreaded “fail to compile” because of a missing semicolon.

How will this be done? By generative artificial intelligence, Huang said during his keynote speech at the Computex forum in Taiwan on Monday. At his first public keynote since the pandemic, Huang introduced a new AI supercomputer platform called DGX GH200, aimed at building generative AI models.

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