Even Hackers are Getting Laid Off by Organised Crime Groups

Hackers and others perpetuating ransomware threats seem to be the latest tech industry workers navigating a shaky job market.

As US Department of Justice investigators and companies beef up their oversight of cybersecurity threats, the impact of ransomware attacks — hackers demand ransom payments from targets — has been blunted, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The increased vigilance has led to declines in both the number of such online ransomware attacks that certain cybersecurity professionals fielded last year and the size of ransom payments that hackers were trying to get for them, cybersecurity groups told the WSJ.

One hacker group called Conti even laid off 45 call-center operators last year who were working as part of an apparent scheme to spread ransomware attacks after the call centers failed to make money, the publication reported, citing an executive at Red Sense, an intelligence company.

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