Emails Show Navy’s ‘UFO’ Patents Resulted in a Demo

The more we learn about the bizarre inventions Dr. Salvatore Pais patented on behalf of the Navy, the more questions we have.

Last year, the publication of several unusual patents assigned to the U.S. Navy raised eyebrows due to the seemingly radical and unconventional claims found within them. These patents included bizarre technologies such as a “high temperature superconductor,” a “high frequency gravitational wave generator,” a force field-like “electromagnetic field generator,” a “plasma compression fusion device,” and a hybrid aerospace/underwater craft featuring an “inertial mass reduction device.” They truly sound like the stuff of science fiction and seem to describe the theoretical building blocks of a craft with UFO-like performance.

In recent months, several major developments have made waves throughout the scientific community that reportedly achieve what Pais’s patents claim to. A radical breakthrough marking what researchers call the first room-temperature superconductor was announced in Nature in mid-October, potentially opening the door to new methods and levels of power generation. Despite the excitement, achieving this type of superconductivity requires extreme pressures, the lowest of which was 2.6 million times the atmospheric pressure at sea level. For now, the world’s first room-temperature superconductor will remain in laboratories at minuscule scales.

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