Electric Cars Hit Record In Norway

Electric vehicles are now the norm in Norway when it comes to new car sales, accounting for 58 percent of all car sales in March. Tesla’s mass market Model 3 was especially popular, accounting for nearly 30 percent of new passenger vehicle sales.

The figures reflect Norway’s desire to move away from fossil-fuel vehicles — with help from lucrative government incentives for owners of electric vehicles.

Overall, 18,375 new passenger cars were registered in Norway last month, the OFV says. Of those vehicles, 10,732 were rated with zero emissions — a gain of about 100 percent from the previous March. And nearly all of those vehicles are electric (four are hydrogen-powered).

Norwegian car buyers registered more than 5,300 Tesla Model 3 sedans in March — a record for a single car model in one month, the OFV says. In that same period, no other carmaker had more than 10 percent of sales.

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