Edlyft Raises $1.4 Million Seed Round

Erika Hairston and Arnelle Ansong are two friends whose mission is to provide the right environment and tools for the next generation of engineers to succeed and, hopefully, get one step closer to closing the gender gap in STEM.

Their startup, Edlyft, is a support platform and program helping college students and adult learners through their STEM courses, by connecting them to inclusive mentorship, online group tutoring, and personalized study tools.

“We started Edlyft because we realized that way more people were capable of learning these in-demand skills when given the right environment and tools. With Edlyft, anyone can learn the skills that’ll prepare them for high growth careers they’ll love. Supportive peers and mentors, and ample academic help can make a big difference between trying computer science once and becoming an engineer,” Erika Hairston, co-founder of Edlyft, shares with me in an interview.

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