Drone Newbies Can Pull Off Cinematic Shots with Skydio’s New Mode

Skydio has unveiled KeyFrame, which automates one of the more mind-bending challenges in drone photography: nailing your chosen spots and angles in 3D space with cinematic flourish.

I tried out this new skill, and while I didn’t capture the most riveting content while learning the ropes, I saw how it makes flying between different shots possible. Before KeyFrame, even the most skilled pilot would struggle to direct the drone to the exact same vantage spot or fly smoothly in reverse the same way it had previously flown. Automated flightpaths exist, but with those, the user typically still has to manually find the right camera angles, take after take.

But now the software update (and improved drone with retractable antennae) lets you mark moments, or “KeyFrames,” that you want to go back to. I made a simple KeyFrame production of an office building entrance, the parking lot, and then finally the view of the San Francisco bay from above the building. At each of those moments I pushed a button on the app and a notch was added on my recording timeline.

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