Dessa unveils a Joe Rogan AI

This month, Canada-based startup Dessa unveiled a new AI that replicates the voice of Joe Rogan.

As explained in a blog post, the Dessa team managed this feat by developing a deep learning system called RealTalk that uses text inputs to produce life-like speech in the style of a real person. It’s perhaps the best example of an audio deepfake yet. Even those well-acquainted with Rogan’s voice will likely have a hard time telling apart the fake audio from things the comedian has actually said — and that ability to fool listeners could have terrifying implications for the future.

In the demonstration shared by Dessa, faux Rogan keeps the conversation light, showing off its ability to recite tongue-twisters and contemplating whether chimpanzees could beat humans at hockey.

However, the company is well aware of the potential dangers of such a system. They even provide a bullet-pointed list of all the ways it could go wrong, noting that someone could impersonate a government official to enter a high-security facility or a politician to manipulate an election.

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