Designs that Defined our Age

From Flyknit trainers to Fitbits, these are the the most influential designs of the past ten years, as picked by London Design Museum’s chief curator Justin McGuirk.

Ten years ago, Twitter and Facebook were still in their infancy and the latest model iPhone was the second-generation 3G. Designers’ decisions in the past decade have shaped our politics, our health and the way we communicate. “Over the last ten years, design’s remit has been growing and it’s becoming an increasingly elastic and ineffable discipline,” says Justin McGuirk, chief curator at London’s Design Museum. “Design used to be associated with the form of objects, but it’s now more associated with the behaviour of objects and, by extension, human behaviour.”

To mark WIRED’s tenth anniversary, McGuirk selects ten of the designs that have defined the past ten years, and which he believes will have a lasting impact – for better or worse.

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