Designing Our Own Biology

“We can design embryos. We can edit genes in humans. We have synthetic biology. And so we really are looking at designing future humans” says Jane Metcalfe, cofounder of Wired and founder of Neo.Life

We’ve graduated from complex and costly gene editing tools to tools that can be sold in a kit for a few hundred bucks. Scientists are building genomes from scratch and booting them up.

The question is no longer whether we’ll be able to design our own biology—the tools are already here—the question is can we handle the responsibility?

“This technology is going to touch every business, every sector, every government, every person,” said Andrew Hessel, Humane Genomics CEO and nanotechnology/biotechnology faculty at Singularity University. “This isn’t a presentation for now, it’s the start of a conversation with all of you for the future.”

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