Denis Villeneuve Tackling Adaptation of Sci-Fi Classic ‘Rendezvous With Rama’

After tackling Frank Herbert’s speculative classic Dune, Denis Villeneuve is set to direct an adaption of another sci-fi story from genre staple Arthur C. Clarke.

Villeneuve will helm Rendezvous With Rama for Alcon Entertainment. The story from Clarke, the writer behind 2001: A Space Odyssey, follows a group of human space explorers who are tasked with intercepting an alien starship that is hurtling through the solar system. It is believed that the missions will lead to mankind’s first contact with alien intelligence.

“This is one of the most intelligent works of fiction in the genre; it poses as many questions as it does answers, and is a work for our time,” said Johnson and Kosove. “It’s perfectly fitted to our friend and collaborator Denis’ brilliant sensibilities and specifically to his love and passion for science fiction. We are also pleased to work with Morgan and Lori, who have a long-standing passion for this IP.”

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