DAOs Are Taking Over

A new company, BLOCKS, has made history as the first Wyoming DAO LLC with plans to roll out its services in the state and throughout the world.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are on track to change the way organizations work moving forward. In light of this, the US state of Wyoming recently passed a law that, for the first time in US history, formally recognizes DAOs and gives them the same legal power as limited liability companies.

Why is this Important

This new law being passed is more than just DAOs being recognized in Wyoming but is a granting of legitimacy to an entire industry that could change the way that organizations operate. In the past, organizations struggled with coordinating values and laws while scaling their operations.

With DAOs, this process is automated and streamlined while also democratizing control and influence within organizations. In the past, laws and values could only be implemented if those at the top allowed it to happen. Now, DAOs are removing this issue by automating the processes and democratizing control. Should the growth of DAOs continue, it could become a standard within the wider world, putting an end to age-old problems and creating a more efficient and equitable corporate structure.

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