Culture War 2.0

In early 2017, Jordan Hall suggested that the US election of 2016 marked the beginnings of a revolutionary war between the “Blue Church” (a kind of narrative / ideology control structure that is a natural result of mass media) and the “Red Religion” (a new faith based on cultural identity). Here, he returns to the theme to analyse the trends for 2019.

From one level, the dynamic of Culture War 2.0 shows up as one of intense fragmentation and disorientation, where none of our 20th Century techniques for generating social coherence stand up to the rapidly changing reality. From this level, the experience will likely be one of increasing chaos in all aspects of culture, society and individuality. If you are running a 20th Century sensemaker, it will feel like a descent into some flavor of madness.

However, if we open into a sensemaker from the future, it begins to look substantially simpler. Not easier, unfortunately, but simpler.

We might say that under conditions of accelerating change, humanity is now rapidly approaching a “phase transition.” We are moving from one way of being human to another, rather different, way of being human.

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