COVID-19 Pandemic Prompts More Robot Usage Worldwide

The novel coronavirus has increased interest in robots, drones, and artificial intelligence.

These technologies can help deal with massive staffing shortages in healthcare, manufacturing, and supply chains; the need for “social distancing;” and diagnosis and treatment. We don’t yet know the long-term effects, but here are more examples of how robotics is addressing the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Drones, robots repurposed for disinfection
XAG has scaled up its use of ground robots with aerial drones, converting agricultural units into disinfectant sprayers. The company has deployed more than 2,600 drones in China, which it said is starting to recover.

UVD Robots ApS has been sending more of its disinfection robots to hospitals in China, where the COVID-19 pandemic began. Xenex Corp. said it has deployed its disinfection robots to more than 500 hospitals and is now sending robots to Italy, which has been hit hard by the illness.

MTR Corp., the Hong Kong subway system, is using vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP) robots developed with Avalon Biomedical (Management) Ltd. to disinfect rail cars.

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