Could Brain Implants Ever Make Telekinesis Possible?

A hundred years from now, kids of all kinds — fictional and non-fictional; eerie and normal — might routinely spend their Saturdays spinning furniture in the air by looking at it intensely.

Whether this happens depends, of course, on the direction technology takes in the coming century — specifically, advancements in the field of brain implantation. You could ask why a team of researchers would spend millions trying to make telekinesis a reality, but the more interesting question — from our perspective, at least — is: could they?

Rajesh P.N. Rao:
Telekinesis is possible given a brain-computer interface and objects that have actuators and are wirelessly connected to the interface or the internet. In fact, back in 2006, our lab demonstrated a simple form of telekinetic control of a robot using a noninvasive brain-computer interface while others have more recently demonstrated control of robotic arms using brain implants. With the world moving closer to “an internet of things” consisting of wirelessly-connected objects and devices, it should be possible in the not-too-distant future to design brain-computer interfaces that will allow humans to wirelessly connect to and control any IoT device.

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