Cosmic ADU is a “Self-Powered Home” That Uses No Fossil Fuels

US startup Cosmic has created a solar-powered accessory dwelling unit that is built using a special construction process and generates far more electricity than it needs.

Based in San Francisco, Cosmic was founded by Sasha Jokic, an entrepreneur, inventor and trained architect who has worked in the design and construction field for over 14 years. Previous ventures include Formdwell, a startup company that is creating new construction tools powered by intelligent robots.

For his latest project, Jokic and his team at Cosmic have developed an efficient construction system and an all-electric, zero-emissions home that is meant to be “a new, bold step in solving the housing and climate crisis”.

“We’ve developed a unique, self-powered home platform that enables us to build carbon-neutral, healthy and incredibly ef´Čücient homes at high speed and lower cost,” the company said.

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