Commercial Quantum Computers by 2025

PsiQuantum will build an ultra-powerful commercial computer based on photonics by the middle of this decade, its founders said.

Underlying the company’s confidence is a manufacturing partnership with GlobalFoundries, one of the world’s leading semiconductor makers, which is making chips for PsiQuantum at its plants in the US and Germany.

“We’re now at a point where we have solved the critical roadblocks on the path to building a quantum computer with a million qubits, the scale required for all known useful commercial applications,” said Jeremy O’Brien, chief executive of PsiQuantum.

Quantum bits or qubits are the basic units of information in quantum computers. Unlike the binary bits of classical computing, which must be either zero or one, qubits exploit the weird and counterintuitive properties of quantum physics to be both at the same time.

By exploiting this “superposition” principle, quantum computers could in principle solve problems far beyond the ability of the most powerful conventional supercomputers, from modelling chemical reactions to searching gigantic databases.

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