Coffeezilla Accidentally Interviewed SBF And He Hated It

Coffeezilla interviews Sam Bankman Freed and SBF hated it so much that he left within minutes in part because he didn’t know who he was being interviewed by.

I mean I saw your Stephanopoulos and Sorkin interview and you’re pretty categorical that you had no idea that you were mingling fun so that’s what I’m asking about not like did you know exactly what was happening on November 7th or 8th I mean I can understand sort of things getting out of control but we’re talking about the most fundamental grasp on how your business works you’re telling us you had no idea.

I was not aware of a lot of what was going on I was vaguely aware that some of these systems existed um I know details of them and uh and I I
you know was not spending much time uh and on uh looking at you know position risk management it was a big mistake I mean you’re right..

Guys, guys I’ve just got a DM of Sam, Sam has to leave,

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