Climate Strike spurs Tech Giants

Tech companies tout new devotion to sustainability as students and others join thousands of climate change walkouts and rallies worldwide

Global Climate Strike events worldwide Friday propelled students and adults to thousands of walkouts and rallies focused on climate change, and technology companies jumped on the bandwagon. Tech giants promised new devotion to sustainability and blacked out portions of their websites in so-called “green out” digital strikes.

Some of the tech industry’s leaders leveraged the attention to make new pledges to sustainability Thursday. Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos vowed his e-commerce giant would completely reduce or offset its carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, what’s known as being carbon neutral. Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Thursday said his company made “the biggest corporate purchase of renewable energy in history,” with 18 energy deals across the US, Chile and Europe that boost the megawatts in Google’s worldwide wind and solar portfolio by more than 40%.

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