China’s Maglev Train Vs Hyperloop

High-speed, maglev trains capable of reaching speeds 215 miles per hour are nothing new for China’s sprawling transportation system. But a recent announcement from government officials triples that top speed

There are plans for an even faster train that would use vacuum-sealed tunnels to reach speeds of more than 620 miles per hour a speed that would, potentially outpace current hyperloop developments in the U.S.

Asia Times reports that this is part of new nationwide transportation development revealed in September as part of Beijing’s latest transportation policy paper. The plan says that these “experimental” maglev rails would be laid in the central province of Hubei in early 2020 and would be capable of reducing travel time from Hubei’s capital city, Wuhan, to the near-coastal city of Guangzhou, to just under two hours for a distance 1,367 miles.

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