China Launches First 6G Experimental Satellite

The technology is expected to be over 100 times faster than 5G, enabling lossless transmission in space.

China has leap-frogged the world in satellite communication.. Not only did China send 13 more satellites into orbit last week, it also successfully completed a world’s first, sending up a sixth-generation communications test satellite.

The 6G satellite will be used to verify the performance of 6G technology in space as the 6G frequency band will expand from the 5G millimeter wave frequency to the terahertz frequency, Yicai reported.

According to China Daily, 6G technology is still in its infancy and must overcome several technical hurdles in basic research, hardware design, and its environmental impact before the technology becomes commercially available, according to a white paper published by Finland’s University of Oulu.

Moreover, some scientists worried that 6G’s new infrastructure, the increased integration of space-air-ground-sea communication technologies, and the use of a new frequency range to transmit data might affect astronomical instruments or public health, or be too expensive or insecure for researchers to use.

“The sharing, analysis and management of research data are crucial for scientific and technological innovation in today’s big data era,” Wang Ruidan, deputy director of the National Science and Technology Infrastructure Center, said during a Beijing forum on digitized scientific research.

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