ChatGPT ‘Portfolio’ Outperforms Leading UK Funds

Theoretical fund of 38 stocks has outperformed 10 most popular funds on Interactive Investor, finds

A selection of stocks picked by artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT has delivered better performance than some of the UK’s leading investment funds, according to an experiment conducted by

Analysts at the personal finance comparison site asked ChatGPT to create a theoretical fund of more than 30 stocks, following a range of investing principles taken from leading funds.

In the eight weeks since its creation, the portfolio of 38 stocks has risen 4.9 per cent, compared with an average loss of 0.8 per cent for the 10 most popular funds on UK platform Interactive Investor, a list including Terry Smith’s Fundsmith Equity as well as a range of UK, US and global funds from Vanguard, Fidelity and HSBC, according to

Jon Ostler, chief executive of, said: “It’s not taken the public long to find creative ways of getting ChatGPT to help them in areas where it shouldn’t technically do so.

“It won’t be long until large numbers of consumers try to use it for financial gain.”

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