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Inside TikTok: Zhang Yiming’s Journey

In order to clarify the trajectory of TikTok’s rise in various countries, it is necessary to introduce a little business knowledge. Generally speaking, TikTok has to cross four stages, and the “inflection point” is the […]

50 Perspectives On Hiring Tech Talent

Jackson Weimer asks 56 recruiters, VPs of talent, chiefs of staff, founders, VC’s, and private equity partners about the difficulties of hiring tech talent in the current market. It makes sense that people are enjoying […]

How Two Best Friends Beat Amazon

The company’s crackdown on a worker protest in New York backfired and led to a historic labor victory. In the first dark days of the pandemic, as an Amazon worker named Christian Smalls planned a […]

Looking for Dragons Drives Progress

Some problems can be labelled “dragon problems”, because they take you into the part of the map that says “Here be dragons” on it. First, let’s talk about Bell Labs. Bell Labs was an/the R&D […]

The ‘Great Resignation’ Is Payback Time

The real reason workers are ditching their employers is because the pandemic provided a vivid demonstration of how little corporations care about their employees. MIT Sloan Management Review recently published a thorough study about worker […]

Is Going to the Office a Broken Way of Working?

A conversation with Chris Herd, who foresees a future in which most companies are remote-first. As Herd told me when we spoke, people are sometimes surprised to learn that he’s against the idea of remote-only […]

Everyone Wants to Be an Entrepreneur

Applications for new businesses rose 20 percent last year, after languishing for a decade. Many newly minted founders attribute it to the pandemic. Angela Muhwezi-Hall had a startup idea long before the pandemic—it just never […]

Facebook’s Hiring Crisis

In an internal memo called “Why hiring is hard right now” written at some point in 2021, a recruiting leader at the company described how engineering teams are fighting a massive imbalance between high demand […]

‘The Great Resignation’ Misses the Point

The phrase has come to describe record levels of job turnover. But it overlooks the bigger story: a radical rethinking of our relationship to work. We are in a moment of pervasive change across American […]

The Next Generation Organisation

What are the minimum of next generation behaviours that modern firms should be either exhibiting or striving for? Throughout history, the industrialization of technology has led to new practices and behaviours within organizations. What matters […]

The UK’s Startup Founders are Way Too Posh

Coming from money makes it easier to make money, but a lack of financial diversity among founders could be holding back British tech. “We’re looking for whatever correlates with success — it’s not obvious to […]

Tensions Emerge between DeepMind and Google

DeepMind reportedly lost a yearslong bid to win more independence from Google. Tensions between Google and its AI brain trust DeepMind have always been fascinating. To put the relationship in crude terms: DeepMind, founded in […]

The Memo

In 2002, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos issued a memo that has entered tech industry canon. The memo, known as the “API Mandate”, is generally perceived as being a statement about technology at Amazon, and is therefore […]

On Workplace Productivity

Our technology has changed; now it’s time to change the game for measuring workplace productivity. If leaders and managers want to be able to make decisions or understand what is happening in their systems (or […]

How to Build a Liquid Super Team

Cooperation is the winning strategy in the Great Online Game. The Passion or Creator Economy (used interchangeably here despite subtle differences) is about empowering individuals to do more on their own. The individual is the […]

NFTs and the Future of Work

Technology will make it possible to compensate each person according to their economic value. That’s pretty bad news for most people, and very good news for some. Every idea, every project, every piece of work […]

The Ponzi Career

The future of work is a pyramid scheme, where every person sells his favorite person to the next person. Human work is becoming more creative. More of us spend our time producing code or content. […]

Tech Workers Ask: “Are We the Baddies?”

An increasing number of tech workers, at a wide range of companies, are deeply worried at how their employers have exacerbated inequality, extremism, and polarization across the planet. “There is that feeling of ‘oh no, […]

Zoom in a Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic was great for Zoom. What happens when there’s a vaccine? Zoom started trading on the stock market in April 2019. At the time, it was known for being a rarity: a newly public […]

Is Remote Working Here to Stay?

Given the forced nature of remote work during the pandemic, questions remain about whether it will last as a work arrangement. While surveys generally show that executives plan to allow employees to continue working from […]

How Working from Home will Change its Design

One hundred and fifty years ago, if you didn’t live on top of the store then you likely worked in your home. Writer and architect Eleanor Jolliffe discussed this recently in an essay, “The Power […]

AI Can Run Your Work Meetings Now

A new wave of startups is trying to optimize meetings, from automated scheduling tools to facial recognition that measures who’s paying attention. Recently, a new wave of startups has emerged to optimize meetings with, what […]

How COVID-19 is Upending the College Experience

Leaders from 2U, Global Citizen Year, Minerva, and Pearson reveal which elements of the higher-ed ecosystem are getting stronger and which are poised to collapse. Abby Falik We’re living in this liminal space between one […]