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The Myth of ‘Open Source’ AI

A new analysis shows that “open source” AI tools like Llama 2 are still controlled by big tech companies in a number of ways. ChatGPT made it possible for anyone to play with powerful artificial […]

Making Foundation Models Accessible

As generative AI models become increasingly capable, “foundation model” is a relatively new term being tossed around. So what is a foundation model? The term remains somewhat vague. Some define it by the number of […]

Why This AI Moment May Be the Real Deal

The savvy observer has been burned many times before. He knows what it’s like to believe the AI magic show, only to have the curtain pulled back and the flimsy strings yanking the puppet revealed. […]

ChatGPT Can Turn Bad Writers Into Better Ones

People who use ChatGPT to help with writing tasks are more productive and produce higher-quality work than those who don’t, a study found. People have been using ChatGPT to help them to do their jobs […]

Open Source War

Connectivity and the proliferation of smartphones that rely on it has accelerated and transformed an older form of civilian-military collaboration. Jack McDonald of King’s College London points out that, when America invaded Afghanistan in 2001, […]

How AI-Generated Video is Changing Film

Welcome to the unsettling world of Artificial Intelligence moviemaking. “We kind of hit a point where we just stopped fighting the desire for photographic accuracy and started leaning into the weirdness that is DALL-E,” says […]

Let the Platforms Burn

Tech bosses know the only thing protecting them from sudden platform collapse syndrome are the laws that have been passed to stave off the inevitable fire. Governments hold back from passing and enforcing laws that […]

Meet the People Still Living on Second Life

Second Life remains both the first and the most successful manifestation of a so-called metaverse. Zuckerberg first outlined his vision for the Metaverse, the “successor to the mobile internet”, in 2021. According to Nick Clegg, […]

A Storefront for Robots

The SEO arms race has left Google and the web drowning in garbage text, with customers and businesses flailing to find each other. Google Search’s dominance has created a cottage industry of SEO professionals who […]

Hallucinations in AI

Today, AI hallucinations propel hyperbolic narratives around foundation model FUD, open source outperformance, incumbent invincibility, investor infatuation, and doomer declarations. During the early internet era of the mid-90s – and crypto in the early 2010s […]

On Giving AI Eyes and Ears

Jobs that require visual or audio interactions felt insulated from AI, but now they are not – for better and for worse. What multimodal AI does is let the AI “see” images and “understand” what […]

This Is the Worst Part of the AI Hype Cycle

Hype is proliferating, and some of its ensuing disappointments have been, well, disappointing. There’s something to consider beyond the hype cycle: hype burnout. The hype cycle, as defined by Gartner, which tracks it, is that […]

How AI Can Really Challenge Movies

The entertainment value of AI is the AI itself. Don’t think about how to hide its shameful replacement of human artists. Let them have their own medium. As Marshall McLuhan once noted, whenever a new […]

The AI Feedback Loop

What happens as AI-generated content proliferates around the internet, and AI models begin to train on it, instead of on primarily human-generated content? A group of researchers from the UK and Canada have looked into […]