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Category: Science

Eavesdropping on the Brain With 10,000 Electrodes

Thanks to advances in neuroscience and microelectronics engineering, we finally have a tool that will let us begin to reverse engineer the wonders of the brain. People often think of technology as applied science, but […]

How to Make the Universe Think for Us

Physicists are building neural networks out of vibrations, voltages and lasers, arguing that the future of computing lies in exploiting the universe’s complex physical behaviors. When it comes to conventional machine learning, computer scientists have […]

The Incredible Life of Maria Sibylla Merian

In the jungle of Suriname, the German-born Swiss naturalist, entomologist and botanical artist Maria Sibylla Merian discovered insect metamorphosis. This animation celebrates her many notable contributions to the natural sciences in an age when such […]

Turning Back the Clock

Imagine if we could turn back the clock on age-related illnesses by reprogramming our cells to be younger? In a recent Nature Aging paper, Genentech and Salk Institute scientists show that cellular reprogramming techniques safely […]

Researchers Use Algae to Power a Computer for Months

The experiment suggests that cyanobacteria ‘batteries’ using sunlight and water could run small devices. Researchers have discovered how to use cyanobacteria—commonly called blue-green algae—to continuously power a microprocessor for a span of more than six […]

James Webb Teams Successfully Align Mirror

On March 16, NASA announced that one of the most critical steps in the commissioning process had been completed — the alignment of all 18 individual mirrors on James Webb’s primary mirror. Meanwhile, as optics […]

Jacques Vallée Still Doesn’t Know What UFOs Are

After six globe-trotting decades spent probing “the phenomenon,” the French information scientist is sure of only one thing: The truth is really, really out there. Vallée has written 12 books on what he and others […]

Pivotal Mental States

The idea that adversity presents us with an opportunity for change is familiar to all of us in the form of a story. We have all heard stories of sudden self-transformation, or what the US […]

Why Are Letters Shaped the Way They Are?

Linguistic games and research are revealing a hidden connection between what words look and sound like, and what they mean. n the Cratylus Dialogue, written by Plato, Socrates confronted this same linguistic dilemma: do names […]

Scientists Create Full Spectrum Cannabis Without the Plant

Canadian and Israeli company BioHarvest Sciences has announced the successful production of 22 pounds of fully viable cannabis biomass without actually growing the plant. This first-of-its-kind achievement comes only weeks after the same company added […]

Irish Scientists Develop Low-Cost Way to Produce Graphene

Researchers created a biocompatible graphene ink and used household printers to make electronic components. Scientists in Ireland have developed a new low-cost method to produce graphene, which could accelerate adoption of the strong and light […]