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How Game Design Principles Can Enhance Democracy

“Gamification doesn’t just give us the digital scaffolding to fulfill the promise of democracy. It can help us build ties and trust in one another.” Many choose to gamify parts of their lives to make […]

Takeaways from the Twitter Whistleblower Hearing

Former Twitter security chief Peiter “Mudge” Zatko testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee Tuesday alleging widespread security deficiencies at the social media platform. During a two-and-a-half hour hearing, Zatko alleged Twitter lacked a framework to […]

Ransomware Hackers Declare War on Costa Rica

The small Central American nation of Costa Rica is currently battling high-tech hackers who are threatening to overthrow the government if it doesn’t pay them $20 million. Costa Rican president Rodrigo Chaves took office on […]

Tech Companies Are Not Ready for a Post-Roe Era

Silicon Valley firms are about to be at the center of the storm around abortion access and reproductive rights. They need to prepare. The digital revolution came of age when legal abortion was the default. […]

Twitter and the War of Oligarchs

Both Musk and those who fear him position themselves as the defenders of democracy. In reality, the episode reveals how vacuous the term has become. Those fretting about the world’s wealthiest man gaining control over […]

Russia Forcing Google To Delist VPN Websites

“It’s evident that Russia has long been preparing a cut off from the global internet, and its Ukraine invasion is a turning point.” Russia is forcing Google to delist URLs associated with virtual private networks, […]

Russia Dismantles it’s Internet

From Instagram to Paypal, Russia’s internet is being dismantled as a digital iron curtain descends. On February 24 in Moscow, when social media was full of the news that Russia had broken its promise and […]

Pro-Ukraine ‘Protestware’ Pushes Geo-Targeted Malware

The idea of using popular modules as “protestware” to deploy destructive payloads runs the risk of undermining trust in open-source software. “Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian developers are modifying their public software to trigger malware or pro-Ukraine […]

Russia’s App Store Lost 7K Apps

The Russian App Store has lost 6,982 mobile apps since the start of the Ukraine invasion, as numerous companies have now pulled their apps and games from Apple’s iPhone and iPad App Stores. While Apple […]

Open Source Warfare

John Robb, author of Brave New War, joins Jack to discuss the nature of the Open Source Network war which has been unleashed as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. How did we […]

Is the Internet on the Verge of a Break-Up?

The world, both physical and digital, finds itself in unprecedented times as the conflict in Ukraine rages. Corporate giants such as Meta, Google and Apple, who have always framed themselves as neutral tech firms, are […]