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Will the World Ever Be Ready For a Linear Metropolis?

Saudi Arabia has unveiled designs for a futuristic megastructure in the desert. But it is an idea that has preoccupied the imaginations of architects – and megalomaniacs – for generations. The army of consultants commissioned […]

What Ever Happened to the Transhumanists?

The once-vibrant transhumanist movement doesn’t capture as much attention as it used to, but as an idea it’s far from dead. The internet most certainly gave rise to the vibrant transhumanist subculture, but the emergence […]

China and Russia On Track to Set Up Moon Base by 2036

In the next decade, an international coalition plans to build a lunar research station to transfrom humanity’s exploration and observation of the Moon. The planning phase is already underway, and it is going well. Construction […]

An Optimist’s Guide to the Future

Oded Galor’s Sapiens – like history of civilisation predicts a happy ending for humanity. But should we trust him? The influence of the “initial conditions” that shape societies’ development is what Oded Galor has been […]

It’s Africa’s Century – for Better or Worse

Asia gets the attention, but the real economic revolution is the inevitable growth of an overlooked continent. When Nigeria has a population of over 300 million its fortunes matter on the global scale. That population […]

The UAE’s Plan to Terraform Mars

The UAE’s Mars 2117 program, announced in 2017, claims humans will have liveable environments, and 60,000-strong colonies, on Mars within the century. “If we are going to dream about Mars, let’s not have a mediocre […]

Musk’s Biggest Space Gamble

Starship is threatening NASA’s moon contractors, which are watching its progress with a mix of awe and horror. Elon Musk is planning yet again to rocket beyond the status quo. And if he succeeds, the […]

The Ultimate Elevator ride

The Space Elevator has been a dream of scientists for centuries. A new design may finally make it a reality — at least, by the next century. It’s hard to summon the will to build […]

Towards a Digital Pluriverse

A manifesto against the metaverse and toward a “pluriverse” of “open digital spaces of collective autonomy and shared ownership”. We gather to build these alternatives, to challenge the monoverse, and reach towards brighter technological futures: […]

An Initiation to Game B

The journey to Game B is a story about the relationship between humanity, technology and Nature. We’re gaining the power of gods, but without the love, wisdom and discernment of gods—that is a self-extinctionary scenario. […]

Jeff Bezos is Reportedly Paying to Make Humans Immortal

The founder of Amazon has reportedly made an investment in a biotech startup focused on “cellular rejuvenation programming to restore cell health and resilience, with the goal of reversing disease to transform medicine,” With $3 […]

Life on Mars

In October, an international cohort of thinkers beamed into the virtual 2021 conference of the Mars Society, which has advocated colonizing the planet since 1998. In an age of low-cost rocket launches and Shatner space […]

Our Future in Space

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines and a range of panelists gathered to address the “Final Frontier,” and humankind’s search for the unexplained. The event, titled “Our Future in Space” and presented by The Paul […]

The Rise of The Aligned Web

The modern web is best thought of as an adversary. Every nanosecond we spend on it, it’s sizing us up in order to do things to us that will benefit it at our expense. The […]

Will You Be Able to Leave the Metaverse?

Faster than any of us can imagine, we will become thoroughly dependent on the virtual layers of information projected all around us. It will feel no more optional than internet access feels optional today. You […]

Kevin Kelly: The Case for Optimism

It is extremely difficult to create a desirable future without first envisioning it. To imagine is really the first step in creating anything. Therefore an essential chore for making a future we want to live […]

China marches on towards 4th Industrial Revolution

Pundit predictions of China’s demise are the latest self-consoling illusions of a lazy elite who can’t see the AI writing on the wall. A generation from now, the Chinese won’t remember the misery of Ant […]

All Possible Views about Humanity’s Future are Wild

Holden Karnofsky argues that it’s “wild” to think we’re assured of never spreading throughout the galaxy, but also that it’s “wild” to think that we have a decent chance of spreading throughout the galaxy. In […]

China Plans ‘Ultra-Large Spacecraft’ Spanning Miles

The National Natural Science Foundation of China has called on scientists to join a five-year project to study the mechanics of an “ultra-large spacecraft spanning kilometres”. “[Such a spacecraft] is a major strategic aerospace equipment […]