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Metaverse Deep Dive – Decoding the Buzzword

The high level of interest and curiosity by users and corporations is rising – no doubt, but let us create some understanding of what exactly the metaverse is. As Dr.Martha Boeckenfeld mentions, if you put […]

Democratizing Finance: The Radical Promise of Fintech

Marion Labouré shares 5 key insights from her new book with co-author Nicholas Deffrennes, “Democratizing Finance: The Radical Promise of Fintech”. Financial technology, or Fintech, is a global equalizer that can reduce inequalities between countries […]

Investing in Africa’s Green Revolution

Hubert Danso is the CEO of the institutional infrastructure investment platform, Africa Investor. Hubert talks to Dave and Dharm DeMystify about the potential of Africa to drive a green industrial revolution, and the importance of […]

Super-Apps Tailored to Lifestyle Choices

Jess Mager talks with Revolut’s General Manager of US, Yuval Rechter, to discuss the company’s plans for expansion, super-app offerings and what sets their products apart from the competition. Yuval joined Revolut this year with […]

Real Estate Fintech Startups Feel the Heat

Challenging real estate and financial market conditions and an unfavorable capital-raising environment has led to some real estate tech startups shutting down. In 2020, historically low interest rates led to a surge in both rates […]

Payments are Eating the World

Jeremy Balkin, Global Head of Innovation and Corporate Development, JP Morgan, delivers a fascinating presentation on the future of payments. JP Morgan is the largest payments business in the world – think big numbers – […]

Five Scenarios for the Future of Retail Banking

Analysts at PwC expect the disruption in retail banking to continue and identify the five most likely directions for how banking will unfold over the next three-plus years. “We can anticipate continued disruption of the […]

Which Neobanks Will Survive In the Future?

According to one tally, there were around 250 neobanks in the world as of August 2022. How many might be there a year later remains to be seen. Like their brethren in the buy now, […]

The Fintech Subscription Economy is Growing

Among consumers between the ages of 21 and 55, 40% pay to receive or subscribe to fintech services each month, with half spending $10 or more. Across a range of financial management activities, more consumers […]

PSD3 and The Future of Open Banking

David M. Brear of the Fintech Insider podcast is joined by some great guests to ask ‘how will PSD3 shape the future of Open Banking?’ Payment Services Directive 2 was the starting pistol for innovation […]

How Monzo Executed Growth

Monzo Co-founder and Former CEO Tom Blomfield tells the Monzo growth story from 0 to 1m customers from 2015 to 2018. First, a note about the context. We started the company in the UK in […]

Modernising Payments for an Embedded Banking Future

Jim Marous, of the Banking Transformed podcast, chats with Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Co-founder of Zeta on how embedded payment technologies are becoming available to organisations of all sizes. Embedded payments have become the norm […]