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Design Systems in The Time of AI

How will AI impact the world of UI design and development? How will AI impact how design systems are created and used? “Why should you invest in a design system?” The answer in a bajillion […]

3D-Printed Houses are the Suburbs of the Future

3D-printed houses are sustainable, affordable, and quick to build. But could all that efficiency lead to a new kind of cookie-cutter suburban housing? Perched in the rocky, rolling, cactus-filled foothills of Desert Hot Springs, California, […]

We Were Promised Smart Cities. What Happened?

These days, while large-scale smart city projects are continuing around the world, the focus has largely shifted toward incorporating smart technology into existing cities as opposed to just building brand new cities on virgin land. […]

An Architecture of Optimism

The time to define the architecture of optimism is now. The future of our cities depends on it. Optimistic architecture isn’t architecture for the sake of architecture and doesn’t seek to glorify form. Rather, it’s […]

Is There Such a Thing As an Ethical Smart City?

Josh O’Kane’s new book on Sidewalk Labs’ failed city of the future says there’s potential. In October 2017, an Alphabet subsidiary named Sidewalk Labs announced that it was going to build a brand-new neighborhood, “mixing […]

Why Japan is Building Smart Cities from Scratch

Purpose-built sustainable communities can boost energy efficiency and support an ageing population. Smart cities can improve quality of life for older people while also increasing energy efficiency and climate resiliency. Japan has a long history […]

We Need Smarter Cities, Not “Smart Cities”

A singular focus on high-tech will dilute the vibrancy of our cities and limit their potential. The term “smart cities” originated as a marketing strategy for large IT vendors. It has now become synonymous with […]

Why Are We Building Woven City?

Daisuke Toyoda, Head of Woven City Management shares his thoughts on why they are taking on this ambitious project and welcomes you to help them create the future fabric of life together. Toyota are building […]

Ending the Reign of Nihilistic Design

We fail to take tech seriously when we do not grasp its full impact on humans. The widespread adoption of new technologies always has unintended consequences. Through the natural course of innovation, many technologies co-evolve […]

Nike and RTFKT’s First Digital Sneakers Have Landed

Cryptokicks is expected to be the first of many digital launches from Nike and RTFKT. Earlier this year, virtual fashion start-up RTFKT dropped a mysterious NFT titled “MNLTH”, a metallic cube that was decorated with […]

Neubrutalism is Taking Over the Web

Neubrutalism, or Neobrutalism as some people call it, is a mix of regular brutalism in web design and more modern typography, illustration and animation standards. Brutalism is a 1950’s architectural trend that was abandoning all […]

World View Unveils Balloon Spacecraft

Space tourism company World View has unveiled designs for a capsule that will fly passengers to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere under a giant balloon in two years’ time. World View is already taking […]

The Basics of Efficient Larp Production

Juhana Pettersson lays out lay out a new mode of LARP production. The all-volunteer model is the most traditional way to make Nordic larp. Full volunteer teams are often large, as people excited by the […]

The Artists and Designers Making Tarot Decks for Today

For centuries, the playing cards have captivated seekers of all kinds — including creative types — and have become especially popular of late. One group consistently and particularly taken with tarot is artists. The decks […]

Inside Apple Park

Opening the doors to their studio at Apple Park in Cupertino for the first time, the Apple Design Team offers us a deep dive into the working processes behind their latest creations. It’s been three […]

Designing 3D Models for AR Apps

The very first steps of creating an AR app is getting your models ready for use. In this post Novoda explain how to create models, animate them, and export them in an appropriate way for […]

An End to Minimalism

Andrew Allen is hoping he’s figured out the next big paradigm of app design with his new company, Andy. Versions of these apps come free with every iPhone, but Allen’s are maximalist in design. The […]