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The Intersection

Set in the near future, the film “the Intersection” journeys from a violent present to a cooperative future. Telling stories of active hope from those who have fought to reimagine extractive technology, to serve community, […]

Why I’m a Proud Solutionist

History teaches us how to be brutally honest about a problem and yet optimistic for a technological solution. Debates about technology and progress are often framed in terms of “optimism” vs. “pessimism.” For instance, Steven […]

The Problem With Media

The problem with journalism is the ongoing economic instability, not blue checks with melding opinions. The two, though, can bleed into one another. When the news industry becomes populated by highly-educated people who live in […]

Finding Virtue in the Virtual

One of humanity’s most important undertakings when it comes to technology is to resist and reject its ill-considered implementations. From facial recognition systems to the normalisation of ubiquitous surveillance, from autonomous weapons to weaponised social […]

Elon Musk’s Poem about Space

The poem is a reference to criticisms Musk and his billionaire brethren, Bezos and Branson, have faced for funding personal journeys to space rather than investing their wealth in humanitarian causes. However, Musk’s humble poem […]

Class Warfare with Xenomorphs

A new TV series based on the Alien franchise is in the works from Noah Hawley — who says it’s time for the xenomorphs to sink their claws into the executives who sent so many […]

How to Think about the UFO Phenomenon

Rice News sat down with Kripal to discuss the immediate impact of “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena” and what it means for humanity at large. Rice News: How does a professor of religion come to […]

Prometheus’ Toolbox

Human life as technology from Greek mythology to Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. How long have we been imagining artificial life? A remarkable set of ancient Greek myths and art shows that more than 2,500 years ago, […]

The Internet’s Largest CG Challenge

Over the last month, Clinton Jones, aka pwnisher, challenged 3D artists with the Alternate Realities CG challange. He provided an animation for everyone to work from, and the results were stunning. A man carries a […]

Betray the Platform

In the internet era, true counterculture is difficult to see, and even harder to find—but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Taken from the title of Chinese sci-fi writer Liu Cixin’s 2008 book, “the dark […]

Opinion Fetishism

Twitter might ironically be alerting us to the absurdity and shallowness of intellectual life practiced on its terms. Too many would-be Twitter contrarians end up sounding like those they critique. They are victims of a […]

Renaissance Now!

The internet fostered a revolution, indeed. But it wasn’t a renaissance. Revolutionaries act as if they are destroying the old and starting something new. More often than not, however, these revolutions look more like Ferris […]

I’ve Seen the Saucers

Obama was asked about the issue of UFOs during an interview on Tuesday, the former president confirming “footage and records” of unidentified objects exist. With the defense department and intelligence agencies due to deliver a […]

The Nigerian Artists Minting NFTs

Although the NFT space in Nigeria is still small, it has the potential to propel Nigerianartists to the global stage if local digital art curators emerge in the coming years. NFTs are all the rage […]

Why Do NFTs Matter for Music?

The cryptocurrency-adjacent digital art format has driven millions of dollars in sales for musicians in recent days. Is it a force for democratizing the industry or just more hype? On February 28, Grimes auctioned off […]

Why Do People Love Games?

Games are a controlled form of freedom. Our brains grab onto them because they are structures that exist to be avoided. Games occupy a strange place in our cultural consciousness. Nearly everyone has played a […]

How Role-Playing can Transform our Communities

When we imagine ourselves becoming someone else, we tap into our latent potential as human beings and as a community. When the group agrees to “pretend to believe” in these transformations, we create space in […]

Fear and Loathing in Animal Crossing

It’s hard to believe that such a pure, wholesome game could become an object of dread. “Where have you been all this time?” A wave of guilt washed over me as I read these words […]

The History of the Gaming Industry in One Chart

Research from Pelham Smithers shows that while the tidal wave of gaming has only continued to swell, the driving factors have shifted over the course of gaming history. At first, there was Atari. Early prototypes […]

What’s The Future Of Gaming?

Two of the U.K.’s leading gaming professors – Dr Jethro Shell and Dr Edward Powley – are giving us an exclusive insight into what we can expect next from the industry. Both doctors believe that […]

The Symbolism of Graffiti

For the sake of choosing somewhere current to start, I thought we could begin looking at why it is natural to see graffiti emerge as a component of protest, which we have been seeing quite […]

In Defense Of Substack

Matt Taibbi argues that Substack detractors are mourning the good old days of gatekeeping and credential-worship UCLA professor Sarah Roberts, co-leader of something called the UCLA Center for Critical Internet Inquiry — media critics whose […]

2021 Underwater Photographers of the Year

The winners of this year’s Underwater Photographer of the Year contest have been announced. Prizes and commendations were handed out in categories including Wide Angle, Macro, Wrecks, Behavior, Portrait, Black and White, Compact, Up and […]

The Rise of a World Without Meaning

“Imagination has got to come back in. But that’s dangerous and frightening.” “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” grew out of Curtis’s response to the populist insurgencies of 2016. Curtis was struck by the […]

The Meaning of the Mittens

The symbolic power of Bernie’s old pair of mittens was the work of the “us” in “not me, us.” In a sea of exquisitely matching face masks, Bernie Sanders’s ratty old mittens upstaged them all, […]

New Six-Film Series from Adam Curtis

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World premieres on BBC iPlayer in February. We are living through strange days. Across Britain, Europe and America societies have become split […]


Arthur Brown talks about his innovative new project, using brain waves to directly create music for Psychosonic with performance partner and neurofeedback artist Luciana Haill. Arthur Brown is probably best known by most for his […]

How Wellness Influencers became Pro-Trump Rioters

On mainstream social platforms, QAnon mushroomed out from angry alt-righters to infect accounts previously dedicated to crystals, yoga, and manifesting. One of the stranger subplots in the long, weird story of 2020 is the millennial […]

MF DOOM Graffiti Tributes

To celebrate MF DOOM’s life, many writers hit the streets to paint tribute murals and graffiti dedicated to Viktor Vaughn. When news of MF DOOM’s tragic death hit everyone on New Year’s Eve, the global […]