Building the Magicverse

Rony Abovitz, CEO of Magic Leap, says his company is working with partners to build the Magicverse, which is his vision for a positive version of The Matrix, the Metaverse, the Oasis, and many other science fiction utopias and dystopias that depict the future of cyberspace.

Abovitz said his company’s partnerships with AT&T, the University of Miami, and another partner being announced this week at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona represent a multi-company, years-long, cross-platform effort to build places in the physical and digital worlds that take advantage of Magic Leap’s spatial computing technology. Magic Leap‘s partners, Abovitz said, will make the Magicverse into a reality.

Abovitz first talked about this Magicverse in October on a panel with John Gaeta and Neal Stephenson, two stalwarts of science fiction worlds. He said that the inspiration comes from Walt Disney’s Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, which was realized as EPCOT Center in Florida. Walt Disney’s vision of the future of civilization was unfinished, as he died before he could implement it. But Abovitz liked his idea of “a real city that would never cease to be the blueprint of the future,” and it is why his company has been able to raise $2.4 billion in funding.

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