Boeing Saga is the Story of our Times

The autopsies in the death of the Boeing way now are coming as fast as the lawsuits

The most revealing suggestion of how Boeing went astray came from a local aerospace engineer, Cynthia Cole, who led the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) until 2010.

“It was two camps of managers, the Boeing Boy Scouts and the ‘hunter killer assassins,’ ” she told The New Republic magazine. “How do you merge those two management philosophies? The hunter killer assassins will destroy the Boy Scouts. That’s what happens.”

As former Boeing engineer Stan Sorscher put it:
“The point of this business model is that the super-stakeholder (Boeing) extracts gains from the subordinate stakeholders (workers, state and national politicians) for the short-term benefit of investors … (This) is the opposite of a culture built on productivity, innovation, safety, or quality.”

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