Bobby Murphy Wants Snap’s AR Lenses to Run Everywhere

The Snapchat maker has been building its own AR glasses, and is currently testing an early version with a small group of creators.

Snap celebrated those milestones at its Lens Fest Tuesday, which the company also used to release a number of updates for both mobile and headworn AR. Snap CTO Bobby Murphy recently put that work in context in an interview with Protocol, in which he talked about the company’s progress in building AR Spectacles, why it isn’t focused on non-AR wearables anymore and why it ultimately also wants to build apps and experiences for AR devices made by its competitors.

It’s been about half a year since the launch of the new Spectacles with AR. What have you learned from having developers work with that device?

The first thing is just the sheer excitement and passion among our early community of creators. It’s just amazing to see how many people are really loving the opportunity to develop AR experiences in a way that aligns with how we all envision the future, even if it is a decade away.

But we’re also learning a lot. We are testing the design of inputs, and navigation of experiences in a non-mobile format. All of the work that we’re seeing there, all of the imagination and creativity is helping us design around those issues.

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