Blue Origin to Launch Tourists into Space within Months

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s sustainable space exploration company Blue Origin could be taking people off-Earth by summer 2021.

According the recent reports, Blue Origin – the space exploration company owned by Jeff Bezos – could be transporting people to the edge of space in a matter of months. CNBC has reported that the company plans to launch its first-ever crewed flight by April 2021.

Blue Origin completed a test flight earlier this year, where it trialled its new upgraded New Shepard space capsule. A second test flight will take place by the end of February, which will involve the crew entering and exiting the ship.

The company’s space travel offering will transport up to six people at a time to the edge of space, with a journey time of just 11 minutes. The price for a ticket has not yet been announced.

The New Shepard rocket is a reusable suborbital rocket system that carries passengers beyond the Karman line – which is the internationally recognised boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space.

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