Block Protocol Project Aims to Create Universal Block System

Block Protocol is a new project that aims to build a block system for embedding interactive blocks in any web application.

The goal is to create a more interoperable and open web where these blocks can be shared through a standardized protocol. The initial draft of the Block Protocol spec is being incubated by the team at HASH, an open source data, modeling, and simulation platform.

When HASH founder Joel Spolsky shared the idea with the world yesterday, through a post on his WordPress-powered blog, it caught Matt Mullenweg’s attention.

“This is 100% what Gutenberg is trying to do, and it’s designed to not be WordPress-specific, with the idea that Gutenberg blocks become cross-CMS,” Mullenweg said. “We have open source Android and iOS versions.” He recommended the Block Protocol team link up with Gutenberg lead architect Matias Ventura to discuss combining efforts.

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