Becoming Strange in the Long Singularity

A sudden increase in AI capability suggests a weirder world in our near future.

I already know people who are training GPT on their own writings, and interrogating “themselves” to discover new insights. I have spoken to folks who are experimenting with how their AI model, interacting with someone elses, might be used to find points of agreement and conflict. Maybe these uses of AI are toys that will fade away, or maybe they will have a profound effect. I don’t know what this all means for the future, and neither does anyone else.

So what do we tell our students, our children, ourselves about our current progress in the Long Singularity? That flexibility is key. That everyone should be experimenting with these new tools to understand what they mean for us. That we should be prepared for a possible future that is very different than the past, in ways that are unknowable right now. People are flexible, and technological change usually gives more than it takes, but we need to be ready for a much stranger world.

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