Atmos Faceware Makes Clean Air an Accessory

AO air’s atmos faceware is the latest in climate change technology positioning a high-tech personal filter to remove pollutants from the air you breathe

Unveiled at CES 2020, the wearable gadget wants to be a solution to bad air quality. The device is a clear mask that goes across the face, covering the mouth and nose. incorporated is a system of fans and that adapt to the wearer’s breathing and cleans the air coming through the mask.

Air filtering masks are popular in other parts of the world, like india, the country with the world’s most polluted air. they are also commonplace in china where ‘courtesy masks’ — surgical masks worn to prevent their germs from infecting others — are considered a polite thing to wear if you’re sick. however, only certain types actually include exhaust valves with levels of filtration performance.

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