Asgardia Space Nation

The would-be space nation of Asgardia has unveiled a plan to build a fleet of ‘cosmic Noah’s arks’ orbiting the Earth, at a cost of roughly £100bn a piece

However, its physical presence currently consists of a 3kg satellite the size of a shoebox, circulating in low-Earth orbit. It is easy to laugh, too, at Lembit Opik, the former Lib Dem MP-cum reality TV star, who has now popped up as the space nation’s parliamentary speaker.

At the recent Asgardia conference in Germany, he acknowledged the inherent “giggle factor” in discussing Moon bases and procreation in space.

But a closer look shows he is backed by distinguished academics and business people when he says the development of technology for living in space is not simply a flight of fancy. Thinking hard about the laws and politics needed to ensure successful and peaceful governance is equally crucial.

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