Art in a Technological World

Digital art has not only changed how we consume artwork. It has changed how we create it, critique it, and share it

Last summer, in a miraculous turn of events, I found myself in front of Gustav Klimt’s gold-leaf masterpiece ‘The Kiss.’ All I could do was stare in awe. Unfortunately, my bubble of amazement soon burst.

One of the lover’s heads in Klimt’s piece was blocked from my view due to a huge iPad being held high by another tourist. The spectators frantically recorded their experience of the masterpiece on portable devices. Shoulder bumps and selfie-stick jabs forced me to the back of the crowd.

The art snob in me was outraged.

Why couldn’t they understand that a smartphone couldn’t capture the genius they were witnessing in person? I wanted to scream, “LOOK WITH YOUR EYES!”. Yet, I simply held my breath and moved to less famous but equally impressive work.

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