Arabic Calligraphy as a Design System

Visual designer Ahmed H. Aly explains how studying Arabic calligraphy styles standards taught him a lot about design systems

Word -written and spoken- is highly valued in the Arabic and Islamic culture. Arabic calligraphy is one way of expressing this value and importance … Thuluth is -arguably- the most elegant and sophisticated styles of the Arabic calligraphy. Traditionally, the calligraphy learner will only be called “Calligrapher” after being able to write in Thuluth. Some calligraphy masters say it usually takes around 20 years of training and practice to master this style.

Thuluth style has been around for about 1000 years. All the rules, variations, …etc. have been added along the way and not from day one. And as long as it is being used, it will keep evolving with every calligrapher’s contribution and creative use. And this is how you too should envision your design system.

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