Apple’s iPhone LiDAR feature

When Apple launched the iPhone 12 line in October, it included an augmented reality (AR) technology called LiDAR in its higher-end models.

The iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. LiDAR technology is part of the phone’s camera system that uses a pulsed laser to generate a 3D model of objects up to 5 meters away. That capability creates realistic AR experiences without the user having to make any adjustments.

And now developers and 5G mobile operators are taking advantage of this technology. Verizon’s 5G SuperStadium experience in the NFL app gives football fans access to multiple camera angles from the field at stadiums that are equipped with the carrier’s 5G service. Users must have an iPhone 12 to use the app and an iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max to access the AR feature—the ability to create holomojis that allow users to project and share AR players and their stats with friends.

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