Apple Hires Lamborghini Executive to Help Steer EV Program

Apple has hired a 20-year veteran of supercar maker Lamborghini to work on the tech company’s not-so-secret electric autonomous vehicle program.

The executive, Luigi Taraborrelli, appears to have left Lamborghini in May 2022, according to his LinkedIn profile. Taraborrelli has worked at Lamborghini for nearly 21 years, mostly recently leading the development of chassis and vehicle dynamics. During his tenure at the company, Taraborrelli worked on Lamborghini’s Urus SUV, Huracan Coupé, Performante and Aventador Coupé, among others. He also worked on a few limited series projects such as the Lamborghini Sterrato.

Taraborrelli’s hiring, along with a few others in recent months, suggests Apple is still committed to producing an electric car. Of course, Apple has made those signals before only to lose key employees or run into other headwinds that threatened to derail the project.

Apple’s so-called Project Titan, perhaps the worst kept secret in Silicon Valley, has had its ups and downs since launching in 2014.

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