Apple Begins Testing Credit cards

Apple is ramping up a test of a digital-first credit card with Goldman Sachs Group by expanding its use to tens of thousands of the iPhone maker’s U.S. retail employees.

The Cupertino, California-based company this week launched an internal beta program for the Apple Card with its retail workers, according to people familiar with the initiative. The move marks the first major trial for the card, which has been used for several weeks by a far smaller set of Apple corporate and Goldman employees. Apple has about 70,000 retail employees globally and more than half of its locations are in the U.S.

The test with employees provides Apple an opportunity to work out the kinks with the credit card before it hits the wallets of consumers. While Apple has thousands of retail employees, the internal group still provides a controlled testing environment. Apple has asked employees not to discuss the card, although they are allowed to use it publicly to make purchases.

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