‘Anti-Procrastination’ Specs

These ‘anti-procrastination’ smart glasses use AI to monitor what you look at all day. And ping you when you’re getting distracted.

The premise is simple: a camera built into the frame of Specs uses machine learning to identify what you’re looking at, whether that’s a laptop, book, or a fellow human being. It records this data and sends it to a connected app where users can take action in a number of ways.

If you’re casual, you can simply get a breakdown of how you’ve spent each day, with colorful pie charts recording how many of the finite minutes of your life you’ve wasted recently. If you want to be more proactive, you can set “focus sessions” for times when you want to concentrate on certain activities. And if you really want to be whipped into shape, Specs can alert you when you’re looking at the wrong thing using visual and audio cues — either a light in the corner of your vision or a sound played through the glasses’ built-in speakers.

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