An Enterprise-Grade Head-Mounted Display

Smart Glasses is the first iteration of an enterprise-grade head-mounted display that could revolutionize the next generation of mobile PCs.

Head-mounted displays put the display in front of your eyes. While Lenovo’s offering is 1080p, I’ve used other offerings (for entertainment) that have been up to 2K, and 4K displays are coming. The higher the resolution, the better these displays emulate high-resolution flat panels and, since they take up your entire visual range, the virtual display can be, virtually, far more extensive than you’d likely be able to put on your desk. You can also have as many virtual displays as you want, with some placed outside your peripheral vision. You could put them above and below your line of sight and around you.

Lenovo bringing enterprise head-mounted displays to market could start a revolution–not only in display use but in PC design. One thing I didn’t mention is that they have a security advantage; only you can see what is on the screen. This advantage is useful when sitting next to some curious person on a plane or someplace else when watching a movie with racy scenes next to a child or easily offended adult.

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