An End to Minimalism

Andrew Allen is hoping he’s figured out the next big paradigm of app design with his new company, Andy.

Versions of these apps come free with every iPhone, but Allen’s are maximalist in design. The interfaces are rendered in Apple’s own game engine, with true 3D graphics instead of flat, minimal interfaces. Why? Because Allen wants to move the needle forward on software design.

“Our phones today are almost a different device from what the iPhone 1 was when it came out 15 years ago. 23 times the resolution. 313 times the CPU. 700 times the graphics processing capabilities,” Allen rattles off. “And here’s the sad thing. Look at iOS 1, and the basic apps of Weather and Calculator, they’ve barely changed. . . . If you’d gone back 14 years ago and said, ‘These future phones will be 700 times more powerful!’ imagine what software we’d be running. We wouldn’t imagine this!”

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