An AI Movie Service Serving a New Custom Film Every Time

AI is making music, writing scripts, and rendering images — how long until it can make an actual feature film?

What if there were a movie streaming service with no downsides? Call it “Black Box.” You would get exactly what you’re in the mood for every time, but unlike rewatching an old favorite, it wouldn’t be a retread, because no two movies on Black Box would ever be the same. On Black Box, rather than selecting a title, you would choose from a menu of options like genres, plots, types of characters, locations, and content keywords to include or exclude.

Talking to Oscar Sharp, director of Sunspring, the 2016 viral short film written by an A.I. and then conventionally made starring Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch, one gets the impression that he’s more fascinated by what A.I. has to show him than what he can command an A.I. to produce.

After Sunspring, Sharp attempted to have A.I. artists do as much of the creative work as possible on a project rather than just writing the screenplay, and the result was a short film called Zone Out.

Consistency is certainly not one of Zone Out’s strong suits — the faces of the characters keep changing, to name just one problem. But judge for yourself:

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