American Workers Need Lots and Lots of Robots

In order to make reshoring happen, though, we will need automation, automation, and more automation.

Frankly, every time I’ve read about this “rise of the robots” fear, I’ve felt the urge to tear my hair out. Because there were always two huge, huge problems with the thesis. The first is that while it makes a great science fiction story, so far there just aren’t any signs that it’s happening. And the second problem is that if we really want to change our economy in all the ways we’ve been hoping — reshoring manufacturing from China, securing supply chains, preventing inflationary bottlenecks, and so on — we’re going to need quite a lot of automation. Indeed, if the progressive project is to be revived in America, it will need robots to carry it forward.

So let’s go through all the ways that the “rise of the robots” just hasn’t happened yet, and then talk about why we need to become a leader in automation.

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