Alphabet Brings AgTech Startup out of Stealth with Data from 10% of World’s Farmland

This month Alphabet, the parent company of Google, publicly launched Mineral, an agtech business it’s been incubating in stealth within its so-called “moonshot factory” X since 2017.

Mineral aims to provide foundational and actionable data and analytics for companies across food, agriculture, and technology to better understand the natural systems driving our food supply and find new and improved ways to manage the industry in the face of climate change.

And it solves for what Elliott Grant, CEO of Mineral, says has been a key issue holding back digital agriculture advancements for years: low levels of high-quality, diverse, and scalable agricultural datasets.

“It is still early days for AI/ML and sensing in agriculture. I love how much innovation is happening — and we need it desperately — but this industry is still at day zero for maturation, so we saw the opportunity to create foundational technologies to help other companies go faster,” Elliot Grant, CEO of Mineral, tells AFN. “Not enough data have been collected and that’s an industry-wide problem.”

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