Algae Grown by an Artificial Intelligence Could Broduce ‘Clean’ Fuel for Jets

Researchers at Texas A&M believe that algal biofuels could reduce carbon emissions, mitigate climate change, alleviate petroleum dependency and transform the bio-economy.

Professor Joshua Yuan said: “The commercialisation of algal biofuel has been hindered by the relatively low yield and high harvesting cost. “The limited light penetration and poor cultivation dynamics both contributed to the low yield.” Yuans project uses an artificial intelligence advanced learning model to predict algae light penetration, growth and optimal density.

The prediction model allows for continual harvest of synthetic algae using hydroponics to maintain the rapid growth. Yuan and his team have successfully achieved – in an outdoor experiment – 43.3 grams per square metre per day of biomass productivity, a world record. He said: “Algae can be used as an alternative energy source for many industries, including biofuel and as jet fuel.

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