Alex Garland’s “Devs”

Alex Garland’s eight-episode limited series, Devs, will debut in early March 5 as an FX on Hulu exclusive

Set in the now, Devs explores a Silicon Valley tech company called Amaya, run by Nick Offerman’s enigmatic, Forest. Inside his company is a highly specialized group known as Devs, which is working on a quantum physics project protected from the outside world.

Long fascinated by the intersection of humanity and technology, Garland told reporters that he became interested in the idea of determinism years ago.

“I had a thought of, ‘Can I think of anything spontaneous and not attached to a prior cause?’ And I [decided] that I can’t think of anything at all not attached to prior cause, so maybe there is no free will?” he said. “That it’s not a fanciful suggestion, but that it really, really might be the case is quite arresting. And that was the moment where the story started to cohere.”

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